Version Notes

These notes will only include major changes.


  • Support more fixed point and optimization solvers

  • Hessian computation with finite differences

  • Simplified interface for firm changes

  • Construction of differentiation instruments

  • Add collinearity checks

  • Update notation and explanations


  • Optimal instrument estimation

  • Structured all results as classes

  • Additional information in progress reports

  • Parametric bootstrapping of post-estimation outputs

  • Replaced all examples in the documentation with Jupyter notebooks

  • Updated the instruments for the BLP example problem

  • Improved support for multiple equation GMM

  • Made concentrating out linear parameters optional

  • Better support for larger nesting parameters

  • Improved robustness to overflow


  • Estimation of nesting parameters

  • Performance improvements for matrix algebra and matrix construction

  • Support for Python 3.7

  • Computation of reasonable default bounds on nonlinear parameters

  • Additional information in progress updates

  • Improved error handling and documentation

  • Simplified multiprocessing interface

  • Cancelled out delta in the nonlinear contraction to improve performance

  • Additional example data and improvements to the example problems

  • Cleaned up covariance estimation

  • Added type annotations and overhauled the testing suite


  • Estimation of a Logit benchmark model

  • Support for fixing of all nonlinear parameters

  • More efficient two-way fixed effect absorption

  • Clustered standard errors


  • Patsy- and SymPy-backed R-style formula API

  • More informative errors and displays of information

  • Absorption of arbitrary fixed effects

  • Reduction of memory footprint


  • Improved support for longdouble precision

  • Custom ownership matrices

  • New benchmarking statistics

  • Supply-side gradient computation

  • Improved configuration for the automobile example problem


  • Initial release